Celebrate Peach Day With A Healthy Low Calorie Peach Alcoholic Beverage

Originating in 1996 courtesy of a Japanese beverage producer, Peach Day holds a special place in the hearts of those who appreciate the delightful fusion of festivities and peach-infused refreshments. This day coincides with "Girls' Day" in Japan, marked by the enchanting "Hina Matsuri" (Doll Festival or Girls' Festival). During this celebration, homes and public spaces come alive with the display of exquisite Hina dolls, a tradition dating back to the Edo Period (1603-1868).

桃子日源于1996年的一家日本饮料生产商,在那些喜欢将节日和桃子饮料融合在一起的人心中占有特殊的地位。这一天恰逢日本的“女孩节”,以迷人的“娃娃节”(Hina Matsuri)为标志。在这个庆祝活动中,家家户户和公共场所都会展示精美的日本娃娃,这一传统可以追溯到江户时代(1603-1868)

Peach Natural Water, a beloved soft drink in Japan, takes center stage in the Peach Day celebrations. This flavored water category, characterized by subtle fruit juice notes, traces its roots to the groundbreaking "Momo no Tennensui" (Natural Peach Water) launched in 1996. Over the years, this line has evolved to include a diverse array of flavors such as mandarin orange, apple, aloe, and yogurt.


For those seeking a more spirited experience, consider indulging in the alcohol-infused version of peach water with Slat – a tantalizing canned chu-hi by Asahi. Boasting a mere 20kcal per 100ml and zero sugar, Slat stands out as a health-conscious choice. Its 3% alcohol content adds an extra layer of enjoyment, allowing you to savor the chunky pulp texture of the fruit.


This canned chu-hi promises a refreshing aftertaste, inviting you to revel in the delightful fusion of fruity goodness. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your Peach Day celebration with this exquisite and low-calorie libation!




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