Celebrate Mandarin Day on July 3 with Mikan Liqueur!

What is Mandarin (Mikan) Day?

Mandarin (Mikan) Day falls on the first Sunday of each month. Mikan, a delightful winter fruit, has been enjoyed year-round since 1969. Its availability expanded with the introduction of greenhouse cultivation using hot spring heat in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture, followed by Takamatsu City, Japan, where successful oil heating methods were employed. The Fruit Promotion and Enlightenment Council suggests that the taste of mandarins improves with darker orange skin and stem ends.

Mikan, the Familiar Fruit

If you were to ask an average Japanese person about their most familiar fruit, the answer would undoubtedly be mikan. The unshu mikan, known for its small size, offers easy peeling and minimal seeds, making it a convenient and enjoyable snack.

Celebrate with Mikan Liqueur

Maruishi Jozo, an esteemed sake brewery with over 330 years of experience based in Aichi, produces the captivating Miwaku fruit sake series. These award-winning fruit-flavored liqueurs are crafted using jummai sake, carefully selected fruits primarily sourced from Aichi prefecture. By indulging in Miwaku liqueurs, you can savor the incredible natural flavors and aromas of the fruits.

Miwaku no Mikan, one of the series' offerings, showcases the Gamagori mandarin from Aichi Prefecture. This particular mandarin variety stands out due to its high sugar content and excellent acidity. The secret to its delicious taste lies in the warm southern winds that blow from the sea onto the mandarin orchards located on the south-facing, fan-shaped land unique to Gamagori.

The combination of junmai sake and mikan oranges creates a captivating encounter, offering a refreshing yet sweet and sour experience. You can enjoy it as it is, chilled, with ice, soda water, milk, as a cocktail base, or as a topping for ice cream or shaved ice—the possibilities are endless!



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