Celebrate International Beer Day on August 4th with a Twist: Japanese Craft Beer!

What Is International Beer Day?


International Beer Day (IBD) is a global celebration held on the first Friday of every August, originally founded in 2007 by Jesse Avshalomov in Santa Cruz, California. What began as a small localized event in the western United States has now evolved into a worldwide extravaganza, spanning 207 cities, 80 countries, and 6 continents. The primary aim of International Beer Day is threefold:

  • To revel in the delightful taste of beer while gathering with friends and loved ones.
  • To pay tribute to the hardworking brewers and those dedicated to serving beer.
  • To foster global unity by coming together to celebrate the diverse beers from all nations on a single day.

国际啤酒日 (IBD)是一个全球性庆祝活动,每年8月的第一个星期五举行。最初由杰西·阿夫沙洛莫夫于2007年在加州圣克鲁斯创立。最初在美国西部举办的一个小型地方性活动,现在已经发展成为一场全球性的盛会,横跨6大洲、80个国家、207个城市。国际啤酒日的主要目标有三个:

  • 与亲朋好友相聚,畅饮并品味啤酒的美妙滋味。
  • 向辛勤工作的酿酒师和那些致力于提供啤酒的人致敬。
  • •通过在一天内聚集在一起庆祝来自所有国家的不同啤酒,促进全球团结。

Discover the World of Highly Rated Japanese Craft Beer


This International Beer Day, why not elevate your celebration by indulging in a sip of Japanese craft beer, renowned for its popularity not only in Japan but also across numerous countries worldwide? Among the many exceptional options, one standout is Hitachino Nest Beer, a brand that has captivated the taste buds of beer enthusiasts in over 40 countries and earned widespread recognition in international competitions.

在这个国际啤酒日,让我们来一杯日本精酿啤酒来提升庆祝活动吧!这种啤酒不仅在日本,而且在世界许多国家都很受欢迎哦。在众多不同寻常的选择中,常陆野猫头鹰精酿啤酒 (Hitachino Nest Beer) 脱颖而出,这个品牌吸引了40多个国家啤酒爱好者的味蕾,并在国际比赛中赢得了广泛的认可。

We highly recommend experiencing the delightful Hitachino Nest White Ale, which stands as one of HITACHINO's flagship beers. Upon pouring, this ale showcases an enchanting cloudy appearance with a beautiful yellow hue, enticing you with an immediate burst of pepper and orange aromas. This beer offers a delightful and innovative take on a Belgian classic, infused with subtle hints of orange, nutmeg, and coriander.


Renowned for its complexity, Hitachino Nest White Ale has earned accolades from beer connoisseurs worldwide. Its captivating bouquet reveals inviting notes of nutmeg and coriander, complemented by tantalizing hints of sweet malt and spicy wheat beneath the surface. Truly a sought-after brew that lives up to its reputation!


So this International Beer Day, raise your glass to the rich history and artistry of brewing as you embark on a flavorful journey with a Japanese craft beer like no other. Whether you're a seasoned beer enthusiast or a casual sipper, the Hitachino Nest White Ale promises an unforgettable and gratifying experience that perfectly embodies the spirit of this global celebration. Cheers to the joy of beer and the camaraderie it brings on this International Beer Day!




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