Brewing Empowerment: Kikusui Brewery's Sake Crafted by Women for Women

Empowering Women in Sake Crafting

Back in January 2009, the Kikusui Brewery in Kochi set off on an exciting path with its 'Sake Making by Women for Women' initiative. This project has since sparked lively 'women-only round-table discussions' across Kochi City, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. These gatherings bring together a mix of women, including employees from the brewery's creative planning team and women in their 20s and 30s – university students, office workers, and homemakers.

In these friendly meet-ups held at cozy and creative restaurants, participants share thoughts while sampling different drinks. They chat about new alcoholic drink ideas from a women's point of view, covering taste, aroma, types of drinks, how they're enjoyed, and even the bottle designs. It's a collaborative effort driven by women, for women.

Say Hello to Aragoshi Liqueurs

A shining example of the 'Sake Making by Women for Women' initiative is Aragoshi Liqueur series. Crafted to resonate with women's tastes, this success story comes in four delightful flavors.

The 'Sake Making by Women for Women' project by Kikusui Brewery is more than just creating drinks; it's about collaboration and shared vision among women with different backgrounds. It's about innovation that caters to the unique preferences of female consumers. Aragoshi Liqueur, a shining result of this initiative, invites enthusiasts on a special taste adventure, celebrating the skill and insight of women from heart to glass.

1. Mandarin Orange🍊: A burst of flavors capturing the essence of sun-kissed tangerines from the Seto Inland Sea.

2. Yuzu🍋: Made with yuzu from Tosa's sunny southern fields, blended with high-quality sugars for a refreshingly crisp and aromatic experience.

3. Peach🍑: A gentle, velvety peach aroma that wraps around your senses, offering a mild and satisfying peachy essence.

4. Apple🍎: Infused with abundant apple juice, it's a sweet, revitalizing taste reminiscent of an orchard's best.



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