Azure Elegance: Unveiling the Unique World of Deep-Sea Sake

In the dynamic realm of sake brewing, the choice of water plays a pivotal role, and "Azure" takes this consideration to an extraordinary level. This exceptional sake, hailing from the Kochi Prefecture coast, harnesses the power of deep-sea water, creating a distinct profile that surpasses traditional ginjo premium sake.

The brewers' journey involved extensive testing to master the art of fermentation using seawater. The result is a ginjo that stands out with its sharp and refreshing qualities, complemented by a traditional ginjo aroma and a remarkably clean, low-mineral flavor.

What makes this deep-sea sake truly unique is not only its craftsmanship but also the mineral-rich water sourced from a natural spring at the bottom of the North Pacific Ocean. This water, combined with premium Yamada Nishiki rice, contributes to the sake's smoothness and cleanliness. The striking ocean blue bottle serves as a visual testament to the depths from which the water originates.

The aroma of Azure sake is a delightful play on the typical fragrant ginjo-ka sweetness. Upon tasting, one experiences a subtle hint of bubblegum and fruits, accompanied by light acidity—a combination that pairs exceptionally well with seafood.

Whether served chilled as an aperitif or as the perfect conclusion to a celebratory Japanese meal with friends and family, Azure sake proves its versatility. Surprisingly, it also complements Western dishes when served at room temperature, particularly enhancing the flavors of salmon and fresh oysters.



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