August 10th Is Highball Day! Celcebrate With Sake-style Highball!

The Fascinating Origins of the Highball Cocktail

A highball cocktail is a delightful concoction that marries an alcoholic base spirit with a generous pour of a non-alcoholic mixer, often featuring the effervescence of carbonated beverages. This libation has found particular favor in Japan, where it has taken on unique identities like "haiboru" (ハイボール) when crafted with Japanese whisky or "chuhai" (チューハイ) when blended with shochu.

The highball has become a cherished choice among the Japanese, especially when savoring a meal, as its effervescence and ice-cold character make it a companionable complement to food. By introducing soda water and ice, the sharp edges of the base spirit are gently smoothed, rendering it a delightful companion to a meal without overpowering the nuanced notes of the liquor.

While the exact etymology of the term "highball" is enveloped in a veil of uncertainty, various compelling theories vie for attention. One compelling notion suggests a connection to the realm of railroads, where historical practices involved displaying a train order signal atop an open station using a ball affixed to a stanchion. Positioned at the zenith, this ball signaled a "Highball," indicating an absence of pending train orders or a clear path ahead. Alternatively, the name may have come from bartenders who used to call whiskey drinks "balls", and tall or "high" glasses were used for the drink.

Embarking on the Enchanting Kizakura Yuzu Highball Journey

The highball cocktail is like a tasty adventure from Japan. It mixes strong alcohol with bubbly soda, creating a wonderful blend of flavors. While people usually think of Japanese whisky or shochu when they hear "highball," it's good to know that sake can also be part of this exciting mix.

For Highball Day, we're excited for you to try something special – the sake-style highball. Imagine exploring flavors in a new way, and that's exactly what the Kizakura Yuzu Highball offers. It's a standout choice among Japanese ready-to-drink sake cocktails. This highball combines Yuzu-infused Kizakura semi-dry sake with fizzy bubbles for an extra refreshing kick. Yuzu is a famous Japanese fruit with a tangy, sour, and slightly bitter taste. Its fragrant rind makes every sip a delightful treat.

A highball cocktail is a wonderful blend of different things that come together perfectly – strong drinks and fizzy fun!



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