April 21 Is National Tea Day! Celebrate With Lemon Tea Liqueur!

National Tea Day


National Tea Day is observed in the United Kingdom every year on 21 April to celebrate the drinking of tea. It is celebrated in tea rooms, hotels, pubs and cafés through special events, and charitable fundraising events held across the country.


There is nothing more classically British than afternoon tea, which makes National Tea Day, a wildly popular occasion in the country. This love of tea dates back centuries and this fondness seems to only get stronger with time!


If you want to try something more original and a little bit stronger than your regular afternoon tea, we have just the right product! Lemon Tea Liqueur is a great way to enjoy both alcohol and tea at the same time!


Lemon Tea Liqueur


This lemon tea liqueur is the result of a trial-and-error process using ingredients carefully produced by tea growers and lemon growers. It is made from 100% black tea produced in Kitsuki, Oita Prefecture, and 100% lemons also produced in Kitsuki, Oita Prefecture.


The peeling and pressing of the lemon tea is done by brewer's craftsmen, rather than being left to machines. The refreshing sweetness of the lemon tea, slightly delayed by the slight sourness of the lemon, and the moderate bitterness of the lemon peel are well balanced on the tongue.


The flavour of the lemon tea is so complete that you almost forget that it is a drink, almost like drinking iced lemon tea in a coffee shop to cool down.




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