8th of Every Month is Toast with Local Shinshu Sake Day

Toast with Local Shinshu Sake Day


The 8th of every month is 'Toast with Shinshu Local Sake Day' in Japan.


The date was chosen as the 8th of each month because the number 8 resembles the shape of a cup or glass seen from above when they are stacked together in a toast. The aim is to promote the spread of sake, wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages (locally brewed sake) produced in Nagano Prefecture, in accordance with the Ordinance on Promotion of Shinshu Local Sake and Cheers.


From production to distribution, sales and consumers work together to increase consumption of Shinshu's locally brewed sake and develop related industries. On this day, sake drinking competitions and events such as 'Post a toast on Instagram!' are held. The anniversary was recognised and registered by the Japan Anniversary Association in 2016.


Recommended Shinshu Sake


Kawanakajima Junmai NIGORISHU, brewed by Shusen Kurano, is a must-try when it comes to Nagano sake. In fact, this nigori sake accounts for about 30% of the brewery's shipments and has an overwhelming local following. While there are many nigori sakes to choose from, this 'Kawanakajima' is quite a unique one.


The Miyamanishiki sake rice from Nagano Prefecture is polished to 65% to produce this particular gem. It has a pleasant taste and a smooth mouthfeel. The secret is that the moromi is carefully pressed through a sieve. It has the simple, nostalgic flavour of doburoku, but at the same time has a refined, junmai-like breadth of flavour.


It is a masterpiece of synergy between a rich but gentle and soothing sweetness and a pleasant lactic acidity. Feel the unique drinking comfort and the original flavour and sweetness of the rice!




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