15th of Every Month Is Strawberry Day!

Japanese Strawberries


Japanese strawberries are considered as one of the most delicious strawberries in the world. Indeed, Japanese strawberries are known for its huge size, sweetness, and juiciness. In season from December to early May, Japanese strawberries apparently are everyone’s favorite winter and spring fruits.


According to the official website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan, there are currently 312 varieties of strawberries in Japan! And there is no surprise that Japan has a day to celebrate the delicious strawberries.


 The 15th of every month is also designated as "Strawberry Day," derived from the Japanese wordplay "ichi" (1) "go" (5)" (strawberry). Although the details of the organization that established this day and its purpose are also unknown, it's a great occasion to try some strawberries or strawberry-flavoured things!


Celebrate With Strawberry Umehsu


Nakano BC Strawberry Umeshu is the perfect drink for this occasion!


It is made from roughly pulped, mashed strawberries and umeshu made exclusively from Nanko plums from Wakayama Prefecture. The strawberries used are fully ripe Kishigawa strawberries, the top strawberry brand in the local Wakayama Prefecture. The refreshing sourness of the ume liqueur is accompanied by a slight sweet aroma of strawberries.


The sourness and sweetness are well intertwined and well balanced. And with plenty of strawberry juice, it's a satisfying treat for strawberry lovers too!




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