Toast to Sake Day: A Global Celebration of Japanese Craftsmanship and Culture

Why Celebrate Sake on Sake Day?


Sake Day, observed annually on October 1st, marks a time when Japan and the world unite to raise a toast to the sake industry. What was once a national affair exclusive to Japan, this day has since transformed into a global celebration that transcends cultural boundaries.


Sake, deeply ingrained in Japanese culture and local communities, continues to play a significant role in various festivities, from weddings and anniversaries to job commencements. However, it's more than just a beverage; it represents the dedication and passion of those involved in its production. With long hours, late-night checks on the koji, and meticulous attention to detail, sake makers ensure that their product brings joy to consumers.


So, on this special day, let's all come together, raise a glass (or sake cup!), and exclaim "kanpai" to this remarkable alcoholic beverage!


Celebrate With a Spectacular Sake


To craft the exquisite Junmai Daiginjo, Kizakura blends two essential components: Yamada Nishiki, renowned as the finest sake rice, and Fushimizu water, known for its ideal quality and composition. With a century of craftsmanship and stringent brewery standards under the master's watchful eye, Kizakura Junmai Daiginjo S was born. The 'S' in its name represents "Spectacular," a fitting word to describe this sake.


Kizakura Junmai Daiginjo S boasts an enticing aroma reminiscent of fresh fruits like honeydew, strawberry, and white peach. It delivers a gentle, silky palate with a dry finish. This sake pairs excellently with sashimi and light dishes, best served chilled or at room temperature. With a rice polishing ratio of 50%, it stands as one of the few reasonably priced yet high-quality Junmai Daiginjo sake options available.


Kizakura recommends savoring this sake slowly over the weekend, particularly on Saturday and Sunday. We're confident that this spectacular sake will add a touch of magic to your weekends!