The Journey of Honda Shoten and the Resurrection of Shinriki Rice

Founding Legacy: Honda Shoten in 1921


Established in 1921 in the picturesque region of Hyogo, Honda Shoten has gained renown for its Tatsuriki sake brand. Nestled near the Tatsuriki brewery, the village of Nakajima proudly displays a sign marking it as the "Birthplace of the pioneer of Japanese agriculture, Shinriki Man (Jujiro Maruo)."

本田商店于1921年在风景如画的兵库县成立,以其龍力清酒品牌而闻名。坐落在龍力附近的中岛村自豪地展示了一个标志,上面写着“日本农业先驱神力超人 (Jujiro Maruo)的出生地”

Exploring Ancestral Links: The Sousei Shinriki Connection


Shinichiro Honda, the fourth-generation brewer at Tatsuriki, delved into the possibility of a connection between Gohyakumangoku sake rice and the ancestral rice known as Sousei Shinriki. This exploration led to a fascinating journey through the history of rice cultivation.

本田信一郎(Shinichiro Honda)是龍力的第四代酿酒人,他研究了五百万石清酒与祖传的清酒“sesei神力”(sesei Shinriki)之间的联系。这次探索开启了一段迷人的水稻种植历史之旅。

Discovery of Shinriki Rice: 1877 by Jujiro Maruo


In 1877, Jujiro Maruo, an innovative farmer from Nakajima in Hyogo prefecture, discovered the exceptional Shinriki rice. This rice, celebrated for its remarkable yield, not only became a staple but also earned recognition as an ideal sake brewing rice, boasting properties such as "easy koji making," "easy rice melting," and "very few components that give sake an unpleasant taste."


Rise and Decline: Challenges in the Showa Period


Despite its widespread popularity, the Showa period ushered in changes in rice cultivation practices and intense competition in variety improvement, leading to the swift disappearance of Shinriki rice.


Reviving Heritage: Mission of the Fourth Generation


Realizing the importance of the region where the Tatsuriki brewery stands as the birthplace of sake rice excellence, the fourth generation embarked on a mission to revive the long-lost "Shinriki rice," now a "phantom rice."


A Triumph in 1992: Reviving Shinriki Rice


In 1992, through collaborative efforts with various organizations, Shinriki rice was successfully resurrected at its birthplace after nearly a century of obscurity.


Inaugural Brew: Tatsuriki no Shinriki in 1994


The year 1994 marked a momentous occasion as the first batch of "Tatsuriki no Shinriki" was brewed, utilizing the revived Shinriki rice as the raw material.


Indulge in Shinriki Sake: Limited Edition Elegance


Experience the hiyaoroshi limited edition "Tatsuriki no Shinriki," a sake crafted with meticulous care. This sake offers a mellow, full-bodied rice aroma, created from freshly squeezed, unfiltered sake rice made from 100% Hyogo's rare Shinriki rice. The product is then stored and matured in an ice-temperature refrigerator.


Savor the Essence: Shinriki Sake Tasting Notes


Immerse yourself in the full-bodied flavor characteristic of Shinriki rice, filling your mouth with a sensory delight. The moderate acidity imparts a pleasant aftertaste, completing the experience of this exceptional and limited-edition sake.