October 26th Is Aojiru Day! Try Fruit Aojiru (Green Juice)!

What Is Aojiru Day?


October 26th is known as Aojiru Day in Japan. This is because the number 10 is represented by the alphabet 'IO', which sounds similar to the word 'ao'; and the date 26 is a play on the words '2 (ji) 6 (ru)'.


Aojiru (青汁) is a Japanese vegetable drink most commonly made from kale or young barley grass. The drink is also known as green juice in English, a direct translation of the Japanese meaning. Ao (青) actually means "blue" in modern Japanese, however in the older times it was used to describe all blue and green objects, as green was simply considered a different shade of blue. 

Aojiru(青汁)是一种日本蔬菜饮料,通常由羽衣甘蓝或小大麦草制成。这种饮料在英语中也被称为green juice,直译了日语的意思。Ao(青)在现代日语中实际上是“蓝色”的意思,但在古代,是来描述所有蓝色和绿色的物体,因为古人认为绿色只是比蓝色的更浅一点。

Aojiru is a nutritional powerhouse. It's rich in vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll, enzymes, and antioxidants. The taste of aojiru is also famously unpleasant, so much so that drinking a glass of the liquid is a common punishment on Japanese TV game shows. However, nowadays there are new formulations of aojiru, which have no unpleasant bitterness and taste delicious. Fruit Aojiru is a product that allows you to enjoy benefits of aojiru, and also tastes great!


Fruit Aojiru is a product that allows you to enjoy benefits of aojiru, and also tastes great! You can choose from four different flavours: apple and mango, grape, banana and pineapple.