Honoring Beer Can Appreciation Day and Savoring the Evolution of Canned Brews with Hitachino Nest Yuzu Lager!

Commending the Innovation: Beer Can Appreciation Day!

On January 24, Beer Can Appreciation Day invites us to reflect on the momentous occasion when beer was first introduced in cans. While it may appear as just another addition to the plethora of "national days," this observance holds significance as it commemorates the inception of the lightweight and unbreakable beer cans, a convenience we now take for granted. It's an opportunity to revel in the glory of this timeless, thirst-quenching beverage.

The Birth of Canned Beer: A Historical Perspective

The debut of canned beer in the United States traces back to 1935 with the introduction of "cone top" cans. These cans ingeniously melded the shape of a flat can and a bottle, featuring a distinctive peaked top. This design allowed brewers to utilize existing bottle and packaging lines for can filling, sealed with traditional bottle caps. However, this early era of canned beer faced a temporary hiatus during World War II.

Post-War Resurgence: Evolution in Canning

Following the war, canned beer made a triumphant return to the mainstream. As more beer brands transitioned to canning over bottling, the demand for versatile packaging diminished, leading to the decline of cone top cans. A significant breakthrough in canning occurred in Pittsburgh, home to aluminum giant Alcoa. In 1962, Iron City Beer pioneered the easy-open can with a pull tab, revolutionizing the accessibility of canned beverages.

The Canned Beer Revolution: Achieving Milestones

In 1969, canned beer sales surpassed bottled beers for the first time, marking a transformative moment in the beverage industry. The evolution continued, and in 1975, the first fixed tab beer can emerged, courtesy of Falls City Brewing Company. This design innovation persists in the packaging practices of breweries and soda companies to this day.

Raise a Toast with Yuzu Lager Can!

For a unique and celebratory experience, indulge in the refreshing taste of Yuzu Lager. Hailing from the historic Kiuchi Brewery in Ibaraki prefecture, renowned for its sake production since 1823, this brewery has seamlessly transitioned into the world of beer, crafting award-winning products like the Yuzu Lager.

Discovering Hitachino Nest Yuzu Lager

Hitachino Nest Yuzu Lager boasts a delightful fusion of fruity, citrus-forward notes with a subtle bitter edge. The palate is treated to a pleasing maltiness complemented by the invigorating essence of yuzu. Concluding with a subtle hoppy bitterness, this lager stands out as an exceptionally refreshing and drinkable option. A must-try for all beer enthusiasts, it adds a touch of sophistication to the celebration of Beer Can Appreciation Day!