Fujishiro Lemon Chuhai no Moto: The Revival of a Popular Local Drink

Popular Local Chuhai Discontinued


Fujishiro Lemon Chuhai was regrettably discontinued in 2009. It was a canned shochu highball with a capacity of 350 and 250 ml and a high alcohol content of 7% ABV, which was rare at the time. However, it had many ardent fans due to its lemon juice and strong alcoholic taste, and was loved by many people in its hometown of Wakayama.

很遗憾,富士白柠檬果酒于2009年停产。这是一种罐装酒高杯烧酒,容量为 350 和 250 毫升,酒精含量高达 7%,这在当时是极其罕见的。然而,由于柠檬汁和浓烈的酒精味,使其拥有着许多狂热的粉丝,在其家乡和歌山县受到许多人的喜爱。

However, the filling machine reached the end of its useful life due to age-related deterioration, and after the last shipment in 2009, it disappeared from the market, becoming a "phantom shochu highball".


Revival After 9 Years


Fujishiro Lemon Chuhai, which was loved mainly in Wakayama Prefecture for about 25 years and had a strong fanbase even after its production ended, was revived by Nakano BC in June 2018 after a gap of about nine years.


The impetus came from the enthusiasm of restaurant owners who wanted to offer the famous local drink, and from fans who had kept the cans from the time of sale for nearly 10 years. It was sold exclusively in Wakayama Prefecture, but quickly spread to the rest of the country.

复产动力来自想要提供当地著名饮料的餐馆老板们,以及从销售时开始保存罐装酒近10 年的粉丝。起初,只在和歌山县销售,但很快传播到全国其他地区。

A Popular Drink of Choice in Japan


Recent surveys suggest that about one in four people choose a lemon sour as their drink of choice. It comes as no surprise as it is easy to drink with a refreshing taste and goes well with all kinds of food. Lemon sour lovers, especially those in their 20s, are rapidly increasing!


For home cooking or outdoor activities such as camping or cherry blossom viewing, decorate with fresh lemons and aim for an Instagrammable image with lemon chu-hai!