Eikun! HOLIC: Elevating Sake Excellence with the Allure of 4mmp

Abut Eikun Shuzo


Founded in 1881 in Yui, Shizuoka Prefecture, Eikun Brewery has a rich history rooted in tradition. Unlike many breweries owned by local landowners, Eikun emerged as a branch of a family that did not cultivate rice, sourcing it for brewing since its inception.


The third generation's tragic demise in battle left his widow, Masako, to safeguard the brewery. Today, Eikun primarily produces junmai sake, employing yeast developed in Shizuoka Prefecture and brewing slowly with water from the brewery's own well. The goal is to craft a delicate sake with a natural flavor and a fresh aroma that complements rather than overwhelms the subtle nuances of sweet, spicy, bitter, or acidic tastes—an ideal sake that enhances the dining experience.


Sake That Redefines the Traditional Conventions


In a bold move to redefine the sake landscape, EIKUN Shuzo introduced Eikun! HOLIC in collaboration with Marie Chiba, the proprietor of Nishi-Azabu's sake bar EUREKA!. Launched at eight sake outlets nationwide in a limited edition of 1,500 bottles, EIKUN holic aims to overturn conventional sake concepts.

英君酒造大胆地重新定义了清酒景观,与西麻布清酒酒吧EUREKA!的老板千叶麻理绘(Marie Chiba)合作推出了EIKUN !HOLIC。在全国8家清酒店限量发售1500瓶,名为Eikun!HOLIC旨在颠覆传统的清酒概念。

This innovative sake offers a well-balanced sweetness and acidity, featuring the trendy 4mmp phenomenon in the sake brewing industry. Infused with the essence of citrus fruits like muscat and lychee, it boasts a refreshing top-tasting aroma reminiscent of white wine Sauvignon Blanc. Eikun! HOLIC utilizes Shizuoka yeast and low glutelin rice to create the distinctive aroma component 4mmp (4-mercapto-4-methyl-2-pentanone), akin to that found in Sauvignon Blanc wine.

这款创新的清酒提供了良好的甜度和酸度平衡,在清酒酿造行业中具有流行的4mmp现象。它充满了麝香和荔枝等柑橘类水果的精华,令人想起白葡萄酒长相思的清新香气。Eikun !HOLIC利用静冈酵母和低谷蛋白大米制造出类似于长相思葡萄酒中的独特的香气成分4mmp(4-巯基-4-甲基-2-戊酮)。

The name "Eikun! HOLIC" signifies an irresistible charm that captivates drinkers, from novices to connoisseurs. This limited edition sake stands as a testament to Eikun Brewery's commitment to pushing boundaries and creating unique, unforgettable sake experiences.