Banzai Brilliance: Crafting Nito Sake's Artistry at Maruishi Brewery

About Maruishi Brewery


Established in 1690, Maruishi Brewery has been a guardian of timeless sake craftsmanship. Central to their offerings is the esteemed 'Nito' brand, reflecting their commitment to precision and quality. Inspired by the proverbial pursuit of two hares, symbolized in their logo, Maruishi boldly embraces the challenge, believing they can catch both hares.


The Historically Siginificant Banzai Rice


Banzai, a rice variety cultivated a century ago, holds historical significance, traditionally offered to the imperial family during the Daijosai, a special religious service conducted in November following enthronement. Volunteers in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, meticulously restored Banzai. Maruishi Brewery, privileged to incorporate this exceptional rice, carefully brews it with a low 70% grain polishing, allowing its inherent charm to shine.


 A ceremony is held in Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture, on Friday [Sept27], to bless rice for use in the Daijosai, a key imperial succession rite to be performed by Emperor Naruhito in mid-November.(courtesy Japan Today)

Unveiling Nito Banzai Junmai


Pouring Nito Banzai Junmai into a glass releases a delicate aroma akin to muscat. The interplay of fresh sweetness and light acidity on a soft palate creates a rounded flavor profile. Noteworthy is its thick graininess and subtle astringency, offering a three-dimensional texture. The smooth, lingering aftertaste epitomizes the superb balance defining this sake.


Nito's Transformative Beauty Unveiled


Nito's allure extends beyond its initial presentation, revealing beautiful transformations with temperature changes and exposure to air. From the well-cooled, lavish impression upon opening to the mellowed state after a brief period at a higher temperature, each bottle of Nito unfolds a unique, leisurely story. Enthusiasts are invited to savor the variety of expressions from start to finish.