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    About Order

    Q. I don't know how to order.

    A. Please check "HOW TO BUY" page.

    Q. Can not order because "ADD TO CART" button is not displayed.

    A. When an article of the pertinence is out of stock, the [ADD TO CART] button will not be displayed, and [SOLD OUT] will be displayed instead. In this case you can't purchase the pertinence article. Please wait till we stock the item again.

    Q. What are the option of the payment method?

    A. Only the credit card settlement is accepted on this service. The available cards are VISA/MASTER.

    Q. Is the receipt published?

    A. Yes. We put Invoice together at the time of packing / the shipment of the article and attach it. In addition, If you wish to recieve Invoice and an article at separate places please input the address of the receipt destination into Billing Address at the time of an order. Also you are able to confirm the details from "My Orders"of "My Page".

    Q. An order confirmation email doesn't arrive.

    1. Please confirm that the correct E-mail address is registered from"MyPage".
    2. Please confirm whether an article isn't left to the cart. When an article is left, an order isn't completed. Please perform an order processing from "CheckOut".

    Q. I want to cancel the order.

    A. Please contact by phone or E-mail. However we do not cope with any article already shipped.

    Q. I want to change the order.

    A. Please contact by phone or E-mail. Replace an order after confirming the cancellation of the former order.

    Q. We are trader and we want to order in bulk.

    A. Please contact by phone or E-mail and we will respond to the issues.

    If there are any questions, please refer in telephone or E-mail.
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