What's The Taste Like?

Nihonshu (Sake)

Nihonshu introduced in Sake Online is mostly premium quality sake. They have beautiful fruity aroma such as nashi pear, peach, melon & strawberry with mild sweet taste from premium rice and water. You can find a variety of characters in Nihonshu such as tropical fruit, flower, cheese, chestnut, vanilla, sugar etc... Just like white wine.


Shochu has more distinct flavour comparing to Nihonshu. Generally, Barley Shochu has a whisky type of character. Sweet Potato has a tequila or grappa. Rice Shochu is simple stronger style of Nihonshu with a bit of vodka character.


Awamori is a stronger version of Shochu. More like to Grappa.


Umeshu has fruity & sweet flavour with a nice aroma. It also has almond kind of nutty aster taste which comes from Ume fruit stone.