x6 Ise Kadoya XPA 330ml

x6 Ise Kadoya XPA 330ml
x6 Ise Kadoya XPA 330ml
x6 Ise Kadoya XPA 330ml

x6 Ise Kadoya XPA 330ml

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伊勢角屋|Ise Kadoya

Style : Extra Pale Ale

International Bitterness Units : 35

Richness : ★

Sharpness : ★★★★★

Ingredients : malted barley, hops

Alcohol volume :5.5%

Standard drinks : 1.4

XPA (Extra Pale Ale) 

It is a luxurious beer with a refreshing finish that is lighter than IPA while having a satisfying drink.

XPA, or Extra Pale Ale, is a popular Australian beer style characterized by a slightly higher degree of bitterness and extra hops for a flavorful, balanced taste. Its combination of powerful aroma and a balance of intense hop character and malt sweetness make it a truly delicious drink.


The harmony of the fragrance created by the three types of hops, and the rich maltiness make this a highly satisfying cup.

You can enjoy three kinds of hops that wrap the scent of citrus fruits with the soft and sweet scent of pineapple and melon, with a more refreshing color than pale ale. It has a sharp mouthfeel with a clean and distinct bitterness followed by a sharp and tightened aftertaste.

It's a satisfying finish with a light flavor of pilsner malt.

A luxurious beer that condenses the good points of limited-edition beers that have been brewed so far. Using three types of high-impact hops, not only did we increase the amount of hops to enhance the aroma of the hops, but we also used Pilsner malt to lighten the malt flavor to make the presence of the hops stand out.

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