Ohmine Junmai 3grain

This impeccable sake is the masterpiece of craftsmanship at Ohmine Shuzou Co Ltd

Ohmine Shuzou operations were resumed in 2010 after a hiatus of 50 years in Mine City, Yamaguchi, which preserves much of its ancient natural beauty: the Akiyoshi Plateau, a national park formed over the course of 300 million years; and Shuhodo, the most impressive limestone cave in Asia. Ohmine Shuzou is a pioneer sake brewery which aims to take advantage of the abundant natural blessings of Mine City through novel ideas.

The modern & styish bottle’s design is a motif of rice.  This new type of sake brand “Ohmine” was born mixture of tradition & innovation.



07150814_5f0e2e5f22c25    Ohmine Junmai 3grain 720ml $88.00

The heavenly pleasant aroma and purest texture with distinctive fresh sweetness is the creation of cobalt blue spiritual water.



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