Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi Namazake

This is the unfiltered namazake 生酒 (un-pasteurised sake) of our familiar sake “Seikyo 誠鏡 Junmai Ginjo Omachi“, from Nakao Sake Brewery, Hiroshima Japan.


Made from 100% Omachi 雄町 premium rice. Omachi rice, discovered more than 150 years ago, is the oldest sake rice variety. Its many fans love the deep umami achieved through brewing.

Using Omachi rice polished to 55%, utmost care and time is given to the koji making process – the step that has the greatest impact on flavor in this carefully brewed unfiltered, un-pasteurised sake. Amazingly rich and fruity flavour!


seikyo260  Seikyo Junmai Ginjo Omachi Namazake 720ml $66.00


This premium sake is very temperature sensitive and is to be handled at low temperatures. Because of this, it is directly imported from Japan in Chilled condition.




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