Goshin Junmai Ginjo Namagenshu

Junmai Ginjo Namagenshu from Gojo Shuzo, Nara.  Gojo Shuzo was established in 1924 in Gojo City. Since the company’s foundation, its sake has been marketed under the “Goshin 五神” brand.

The name Go-shin was coined from the go in the name of Gojo City and the character shin meaning “god”, reflecting the ancient legacy of making offerings of sake to the gods at weddings, funerals and other ceremonial occasions.


07210627_5f15fe224d2f7Goshin Junmai Ginjo Namagenshu 1.8L

This premium sake has been brewed with long-term low-temperature fermentation that provides a refreshing acidity taste and sharp umami on the palate with smooth finish. It is very temperature sensitive and is to be handled at low temperatures. Because of this, it is directly imported from Japan in Chilled condition.








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