Asabiraki Junmai Namagenshu Yosoro

This premium sake is very temperature sensitive and is to be handled at low temperatures. Because of this, it is directly imported from Japan in Chilled condition.

07200849_5f14cdf558628  Asabiraki Junmai Namagenshu Yosoro 1.8L


Asabiraki is one of most award-winning sake brewery in Japan. They have given a great care to this sake that has been in a refrigerated tank without heating to preserve the rich taste.

Junmai (Junmai-shu): sake made only from rice and rice koji (without addition of brewers alcohol)

Namagenshu: Heat treatment has not been performed. Highly alcohole % without water adjustment.

Yosoro 酔候: The product name is derived from a ship command which means to go straight ahead.




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