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    "Wakatsuru Shuzo" ~UMESKY~  Umeshu×Whisky

    19 Mar 2016

    The Japanese whisky is recognized in the world and is very popular. Umeshu(Plum wine)is also popular in Japan, and becoming the boom now in Australia.
    It is a plum flavor whisky which full-bodied taste and aroma are mixed together.
    Please try the plum wine "UMESKY" brewed in whisky.

    Wakatsuru Syuzo of Toyama announced plum wine "UMESKY" brewed in whisky.
    UMESKY is pickled Ome(blue plum) from Himi-shi, Toyama (the middle of Japan) in the whisky which stored for a long term for approximately one year and completed it.

    UMESKY is authentic plum wine which is aroma and elegant taste of plum.
    In every year July, we pickle Ome to the whisky which brewery made and draw out the flavor of the plum slowly.
    In hoarse feeling and illustrations on the label paper material, it produce a atmosphere of quaint.

    UMESKY is extreme popularity for a whiskey fan, a plum wine fan!
    The taste is slightly rich and luxurious.
    In others, it's not meet easily!
    It is worth to try drinking once, it is sure to repeat!


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