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    ~Yoro no taki~~養老の滝~

    09 Nov 2015

    Yoro Falls is rated among the top 100 most beautiful waterfalls in Japan,
    and it's water share that distiction, determined by the Environmental
    Preservation Agency to be in ten top 100 list of the best water to be found
    in Japan.



    During the Nara Period, the Emperor Gensyo declared that this water,
    springing from the depths of Mount Yoro, would cure any disease. There are
    historical documents attributed to Emperor Gensyo that quotetion as saying
    that the water from Yoro Falls,when used to wash one's hands and face,
    would make one's skin smooth and clear,and any disease would disappear.
    He further insisted that lost hair would return, and that failing eyesight would
    be restored. He asserted that it was a veritable "fountain of youth".
    The year 717 marked the beginning of the Yoro Period in Japanese history.
    According to historical record there was a natural spring located 500 meters
    beneath Yoro Falls bearing the same waters. A Shinto shrine was built on
    that sight. The spring and the falls have somehow separated, although the
    spring remains.



    The water of Yoro Falls in naturally filtered through the mountain of chalk
    that is Mount Yoro,producing water rich in minerals and healthful gasses.
    Legend insists that it will restore health and youth, and insure a long life.








    As liquor, which is brewed in spring water in the region, "Shirakawa-go Jyunmai nigori sake" of Miwa Shuzo is also famous abroad.
    It is the perfect drink for those who you like sweet taste of liquor.
    Originally, Nigori Sake is good compatibility with meat dishes.                                                           It said that most dark Sake in Japan, "Shirakawa-go Jyunmai Nigori Sake" is, particularly good compatibility with the meat dishes, and has been drunk well even when the BBQ.