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    ~Choya Umeshu story !!~~チョーヤ梅酒ストーリ~

    05 Aug 2015

    I usually travel to Japan on official sake business; travelling from prefecture to prefecture, sampling the diverse range of sake and food each region has to offer - it’s a tough job I know!


    During my travel and brewery visits I am also exposed to the other drinking delights Japan has to offer. The deep earthiness of shochu, the beautiful bitter sweet balance of yuzushu, the ever expanding range of Japanese craft beer and the now world famous whisky of Japan.

    One of the gems that shine amongst this amazing range of drinks is umeshu – Japanese plum liqueur. It’s subtle sweetness balanced with a pleasing acidity makes umeshu a wonderful and versatile tipple. Neat, it is the perfect after dinner “sticky”, dare I say better than a dessert wine! On ice it is a sensation summer sipper and its deep, rich plum like flavor makes it a stunning cocktail ingredient.



    Having been exposed to umeshu for many years, but not really understanding its heritage I jumped at an invitation from CHOYA, Japan’s best-known umeshu producer to learn more.