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    ~Junmai Daiginjo “Maboroshi” Aka bako~~純米大吟醸まぼろし赤箱~

    10 May 2015

    ~Junmai Daiginjo “Maboroshi” Aka bako~

    Do you know Seikyo Junami Daiginjo Maboroshi Aka bako which President Obama had?

    When Mr. Obama visited in Japan on this April, the Prime Minister Abe took him to the high class restaurant “Ginza Sukibayashi Jiro at Ginza”.  “Maboroshi” sake has been selected by this famous sushi restaurant as a one of the best sake in Japan.

    This tasty Junamai Daiginjo sake has been brewed with high brewer’s sprit from Nakao Jozo in Hiroshima prefecture.

    Normally, most of Junmai Daiginjo and Daiginjo from brewery has been controlled the Nihonshudo with “Plus”.

    But Nakao Jozo set the base of Nihonshudo ±0 by their knowledge for bringing out Umakuchi (sweet-smelling flavor).

    The quality of this sake is be able to make the difference from other Daiginjo sake.

    One of the feature of this “Maboroshi” Aka bako is to bring out special sweet aroma by using original apple yeast.

    You can enjoy not only aroma but also Umami from their great quality Junmai Daiginjo.

    “Maborosi” which was brewed carefully with one by one sprit

    Please try to drink “Maboroshi” Aka bako and join the celebrity!!




    「誠鏡 純米大吟醸まぼろし赤箱」をご存知ですか?

    2015年の4月のオバマ大統領来日中に高級料理店「銀座すきばやし二郎」で会食が行われたことは皆さんよくご存知と思います。では、あの有名店で長年定番酒とし提供され続けている誠鏡 純米大吟醸まぼろし赤箱というお酒はご存知でしょうか?




    吟醸酒は香りのお酒と思われていますが、誠鏡 純米大吟醸まぼろし赤箱は香りだけでなく、旨口(甘口)のお米の味も感じて頂ける特別なお酒です。