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    Have You Ever Been to Kochi Prefecture and Tried Sake from the Oldest Brewery in Kochi?

    30 Aug 2021

    Have You Ever Been to Kochi Prefecture?

    Kochi Prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku. The prefectural capital is Kochi City. The prefecture's former name is Tosa. Tosa and its local hero Ryoma Sakamoto played an important historical role towards the end of the Edo period, and is considered to be one of Japan's national heroes, remaining in the people's memory for bringing peace to the land.


    Kochi is a natural paradise, with plenty of sunshine days and calming waters in the shape of clear rivers and lengthy coastlines. In addition to top sightseeing destinations and historic sights, it is also famous for its informal and folksy local markets and rustic food halls.

    If you've ever had a chance to visit Kochi Prefecture, there's a chance you might have visited the historic monuments such as Kochi Castle and Ryoma Sakamoto Museums, and the scenic nature places such as Katsurahama Beach and the gorgeous turquoise-colored Niyodo River. After enjoying these activities,  you might have tried delicious seared bonito or yuzu flavoured foods washed down with some local sake, which might have been from Tosatsuru, the biggest brewery in Shikoku. Excellent water, carefully selected rice, home-grown yeasts,  and traditional techniques to make dry sake -  that is what “Tosatsuru” is well known for.

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    Tosatsuru Tokubetsu Junmaishu

    Tosatsuru Brewery is located in Yasuda-cho, Aki-gun in the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture, with a distant view of Cape Muroto, and the Yasuda River, a clear stream flowing with sweetfish, runs right beside the brewery. Upstream of the Yasuda River is one of Japan's three most beautiful cedar forests, the Yanase, and the rich forests and abundant summer rainfall provide the high-quality water, which can be called the "life of sake brewing". The brewing water drawn from the brewery well is soft, and the well-balanced minerals in the water help the yeast to ferment healthy and strong.

    We recommend Tosatsuru's Special Junmai sake, which is a bit luxurious with a silky mouthfeel that is easy to drink. Enjoy it slightly chilled in a glass with your favorite dish. It goes well with dishes with creamy and robust flavors, such as avocado salad, pizza margherita, and shrimp fritters. The mellow fullness of this special junmai sake will make your precious moments a little richer than usual!