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    Angelica Noichigo no Koi: A Mysterious and Romantic Liqueur

    22 Apr 2021

    Kagura Shuzo

    Kagura Shuzo began making shochu in Miyazaki Prefecture's Takachiho Town, known as the birthplace of Japanese mythology, in 1954.

    Takachiho is a town in northern Miyazaki Prefecture that is steeped in Japanese mythology. It is the supposed site of legend where Amaterasu, the Shinto Sun Goddess, became so outraged by her brother’s cruel pranks that she hid herself in a cave until the other gods and goddesses lured her out. Takachiho is also said to be where Ninigi no Mikoto, Amaterasu's grandson, was to have landed when he was sent down from heaven to create the earthy Japanese emperors.


    Kagura Shuzo are mostly known for their premium shochu, and not only do they continue to make the fine shochu they have always made, but they are also actively working to develop new products, keeping in mind the needs of the times. The brewery also focuses on proposing delicious ways of drinking and new ways of enjoying alcoholic beverages.

    One of their unique creations is a mysterious liqueur made with wild strawberries.

    A Mysterious Liqueur That Changes Color

    Noichigo no Koi (literally "wild strawberry love") is based on authentic barley shochu and has a moderate sweetness and wild strawberry flavor. It is a mysterious liqueur that turns a pink color when water is added. Enjoy it with water or hot water, and you’ll see the color turn from amber to pink. Add 3 droplets of lemon juice and mix with a muddler to bring it back to amber.

    The sweet aroma of wild strawberries and the mild sweetness will give you that warm feeling. The name comes from the fact that the color changes like a heart that is falling in love. How romantic! If you drink it on the rocks, the ice will gradually melt and the area around the ice will turn pink. It creates a fantastic atmosphere.

    This is a also a healthy drink with tons of fiber made with aged shochu and other natural ingredients including wild strawberry yeast. It contains oligosaccharide that will help intestinal regulation.

    We recommend trying Noichigo no Koi on a special occasion with your significant other. This will certainly add a romantic touch to the evening dinner!




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