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    Yuzu Products Selection

    19 Apr 2021

    Yuzu - a Versatile Citrus Fruit Used in Food and Beverages and Beauty Products

    Japan has an impressive assortment of citrus fruit, with the long list including fruit such sudachi, kabosu, shikwasa, jabara, kinkan, daidai, busshkan, and banpeiyu, and, of course, yuzu. These highly acidic fruits, which are valued for their aroma,  are mostly utilized as flavouring or finishing touch, rather than eating.

    Among these, yuzu has an especially long and renowned history of utilization in fine Japanese cooking, due to its remarkable aroma. However, outside of Kochi Prefecture, which produces around 50% of all the yuzu grown in Japan, use was quite restricted until the 1970s. Only the zest was utilized, to impart its fragrance to specific dishes, and only in the past few decades that the entire fruit has started to be utilized. The juice and mash have arisen as popular ingredient in various dishes and desserts.

    A myriad of products can be made from this little fruit: the juice, of course, but also liqueur, tea, jam, ponzu, miso, vinegars and various beauty unguents. The Japanese put the squeezed hulls of the fruit in their baths to release its heavenly aroma, and they even sell the pips, toasted.

    柚子とは - 銀鏡のゆずの通販・販売・オンラインショップ かぐらの里

    If you would like to try the taste of this unique citrus fruit,  we have many yuzu products in your store!

    You can choose from yuzu umeshu, few kinds of yuzu liqueurs, yuzu beer, yuzu highball, and low alcohol contect yuzu cocktail!


    Click here to see yuzu products!


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