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    Watch a Video About How Tamba Wine Is Made!

    08 Apr 2021

    Kyoto Wine That Goes Well with Japanese Food

    Tamba Wine was established with the goal to make a wine that would go well with Japanese food. Finding that imported wines often did not suit the qualities of Japanese cusine, a lighting fixtures salesman who was passionate about wine, Tetsuo Kuroi, set up the company with a Tamba farmer to produce wines that complement Kyoto’s traditional cusine.

    To achieve that they ferment some white wines after clarification to get a clearer taste, and balance the high acidity and fruitiness in the wines with the character of Japanese food. Today, the winery is known for producing mainly delicate tasting wines and has traditionally challenged the experimental cultivation of various international varieties.

    The farm and the winery are located about 50 kilometers northwest of Kyoto city. The company's vineyards are on a soil called "andosol" which is rich in organic matter, and where the climate is ideal for growing grapes due to the large temperature difference between day and night.

    Click on the banner to watch an introductory video of the winery here and see how Tamba wine is made!


    Recommended Wine

    Tamba Harimasan Merlot is a medium light, well-balanced wine with a scent that makes you feel like you've found a lot of berries while strolling through the forest. It has a light finish, with a refreshing and easy-to-drink mouthfeel, and a moderate tannin. A great food pairing for this wine is shabu-shabu with sesame sauce.



    Tamba Wine Harimasan Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine made with 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Harima (Hyogo Prefecture). It has a rich aroma of black fruits such as blackcurrant and blackberry, and a clean herbal aroma of mint. The pleasant tannin and elegant acidity, that almost chase each other, develop as it ages. It goes well well with sirloin steak and game meat.

    ...4950973033924-Harima_CabernetSauvingnon_2015-removebg-preview - コピー


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