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    March 27th Is International Whisky Day! Celebrate with UMESKY!

    18 Mar 2021

    Where Did International Whisky Day Come From?

    International Whisky Day was first announced on March 27 2008, then officially launched in 2009 at the Whisky Festival Northern Netherlands, in the presence of various whiskey writers.

    This was an initiative to honor the whisky connoisseur and writer, Michael Jackson (not to be confused with the famous singer). He was well known for his writings on whisky and was also diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. His whisky-loving friends wanted to not only celebrate his love for whisky but also help find a cure for this difficult disease, so each year whisky fans donate money to charities of their choice. Since Michael’s birthday was March 27, the date is a tribute to him.

    On this day we invite every whisky lover to raise a glass and celebrate the greatest drink in the world, as well as honor the unsung heroes of the industry from today back to when it all began.

    Fun Facts About Whisky 

    ffThe word whisky comes from the Gaelic language, where it was called uisce beatha (literally “water of life”). Later the name was shortened to Uisce and then the pronunciation slowly changed over time to whisky.
    ffBoth the “Whisky” and “Whiskey” words are correct. Whiskey is specific to Irish, and Whisky is Scotch.
    ffA closed bottle of whisky can be kept for more than 100 years and it will still be good to drink. After opening, it will remain good for around five years.
    ffUnlike the Scottish whisky producers that trade barrels with each other to obtain the ideal flavor for each whisky they create, Japanese whisky makers rarely trade casks with one another due to how competitive the market is.


    How to Celebrate International Whisky Day

    The most obvious and practical way to celebrate this holiday is to either to sip on a favorite variety of whiskey or to try a new one! If you prefer the latter, we have a unique recommendation that is perfect for the occasion.

    Umesky is a unique blend of whisky and ume fruits. Every July unripe ume is steeped in the whisky made in the distillery, slowly drawing out the sweetness and sourness of ume. Ume is harvested in Toyama prefecture and it is steeped for around a year in the whisky. The result is hard to describe but the delicate aroma of ume and the smooth whiskey are the characteristics of Umesky. At the first sip, you will feel the acidity of ume (which is a little bit stronger that regular umeshu), and then the smooth taste of whisky will follow soon after.

    There are many ways to drink Umesky. The best way is to enjoy it straight or on rocks, but you can also try diluting with water or soda water, or even hot water. We recommend enjoying Umesky on its own first, but if you want to try paring it with foods, choose something that is not too overpowering in flavor.





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