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    Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Is Here! Try Japanese Koshu Wine!

    15 Mar 2021

    Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Is Here!

    The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, run by Food and Wine Victoria Ltd. is an event held in March annually since 1993 to promote Melbourne and Victoria's food and wine culture.

    The festival's charter is to promote the produce, talent and lifestyle of Melbourne and Victoria, and to promote Melbourne as the "food and wine capital of Australia". Since its beginnings with a small program of events, the festival has grown to become known for events including cooking classes and large 'banquet-style' lunches.

    If you're planning to attend the festival, why not have a continuation of the festival at your home with a glass of wine? We think that Japanese wine would be perfect for this occasion!

    Lunch at the World's Longest Table, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Melbourne, Victoria © Daniel Mahon

    Recommended Wine

    Marufuji is a well-established winery with a history of more than 100 years, founded in 1890 by Jisaku Omura in Katsunuma, Yamanashi Prefecture, and has been striving to produce world-class wines.

    In his book "Wines of Japan" Hiroshi Yamamoto, who is known for writing many wine books, says, "There are two wineries that are the real champions of Katsunuma wine, or rather, you cannot talk about Katsunuma wine without mentioning them". One of them is Marufuji, and we agree that this winery is definitely not to be missed out.

    Our recommendation is Rubaiyat Koshu, which is made from 100% Koshu, a Japanese grape variety grown in Yamanashi Prefecture. It has a brilliant yellow color, a perfect balance of rich acidity and fruitiness. It is a dry wine with a clean, refreshing and straightforward taste. Balanced and charming, this is a very food-friendly wine, especially with Japanese cuisine and fish dishes.

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