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    It's Saint Patrick's Day! Celebrate With the Green Matcha No Osake!

    11 Mar 2021

    It' Saint Patrick's Day!

    Saint Patrick's Day is the anniversary of the death of Patrick, the Saint who spread Christianity in Ireland. This day, March 17, is a Catholic holiday and a national holiday in the Republic of Ireland.

    The Irish tradition of celebrating this day goes back centuries, but it was officially declared a national holiday in 1903, and gradually spread to other parts of the country after independence from Britain.

    On St. Patrick's Day, you will see three-leaf clover designs everywhere. This is the national flower of Ireland, called the shamrock. It is said that St. Patrick used the shamrock to preach the "Trinity" (God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Holy Spirit) and spread Christianity.

    As St. Patrick's Day approaches, many events are held around the world, especially in Ireland, with green as the theme color. Parades with green coordinated bands, green beer, rivers and fountains dyed green...the world is green!

    For those who wish to try something "new and green" this St. Patrick's Day, we have just the perfect product!


    Recommended sake

    Located in the famous Fushimi sake district in Kyoto, Yamamoto Honke has been involved in sake brewing for over 300 years. The head of the family has been inheriting its first name ‘Genbee’ and is currently in its 11th generation of Genbee.

    Fushimi, Kyoto is located to the south of the Kyoto basin and is a groundwater reservoir that has been flowing for many years. The “Shiragikusui water” that is used by Yamamoto Honke for sake brewing is low in iron and contains an appropriate amount of minerals which give it a rich taste and a mellow aftertaste.

    Yamamoto Honke is a long-established firm, yet is always on the pursuit for innovative ideas, and one of their more well-known creations is sake based liqueur. Matcha No Osake is simply a blend of quality Junmai grade sake and quality Matcha from Kyoto Uji area. The taste is sweet but well balanced with bitterness of Matcha. It is also great to drink as dessert.

    The deep green colour comes naturally from the premium quality Uji matcha, and no flavorings, preservatives, or acidifiers are used, so you can enjoy the pure matcha taste!

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