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    Try Imported Japanese Beer with Long-seller Kaki no Tane Snack!

    25 Feb 2021

    We Have a Great Selection of Imported Beers!

    Japan produces some outstanding beers that feature world-class quality and brewing technologies, and these are definitely not to be overlooked.  It offers quite the varied selection, including the top notch malt beers,  the more affordable happoshu (lit. "sparkling alcohol", also known as low-malt beer) and "new genre" beer (no malt beer). In addition, regional craft beers have become highly popular in recent years.

    We especially recommend the award-winning Hitachino Nest Beer.  One of their top-selling beers is Hitachino While Ale, a refreshing mildly hopped Belgian styled beer with a complex flavor of coriander, orange peel, nutmeg. White Ale has won gold medals at several beer competition in UK and US.

    So how about trying some Japanese beers in a style that is unique to Japan? We also have the perfect snack to go with the beer!



    The Prefect Snack to Go with Your Beer!

    Kaki No Tane is one of the most popular snacks in Japan. Translated as persimmon seed because of their shape and size, these soy sauce flavored rice crackers go well with any beverage, especially beer. Peanuts are mixed in giving them a nice texture balance. Gently spicy and with a heart crunch, the harmony of peanut and rice cracker is astoundingly delicious! Make sure to eat them together for the best flavor results.

    There are many manufacturers of Kaki No Tane but Kameda is the most respected because of the quality. Kameda Seika’s Kaki no Tane is a long-seller known all around the country.

    Kaki no Tane has an array of different flavours, and our recommendation this time is the wasabi one! The spicy wasabi seasoning leaves you with that classic wasabi tingle in the back of your nose, without overpowering the delicious umami of the soy sauce crackers.

    Try this addicting combination!




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