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    Have You Tried the Famous Dry Sake From Gifu Prefecture?

    22 Feb 2021

     Have You Ever Been to Gifu Prefecture?

    Gifu has many popular tourist attractions, bringing visitors to all parts of the prefecture. If you've ever been to Gifu, you have probably visited the most popular places such as Gero, Shirakawa and Takayama. Gero is known for its relaxing hot springs, which attract visitors throughout the year. Shirakawa's historic villages are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Takayama is famous for retaining its original appearance and is often referred to as Little Kyoto.

    While enjoying the famous dishes of Gifu, such as Hida beef, Keichan chicken or Takayama ramen, you may have also drank a glass of Gifu sake. If you haven't, or you would like to remember the distinctive taste of Gifu sake, we have just the right product so you can have that experience conveniently at your home!


    BeFunky-collage (17)

    Michisakari - Famous Dry Sake From Gifu Prefecture

    In the middle of the Edo period, at the beginning the An'ei era (1772), Tetsuji Mizuno opened a sake brewery in what is now Tajimi City, Gifu Prefecture. At first, the brewery was named Maruo, which was later changed to Kogane. In 1926, Michisakari was chosen; it means "flourishing for three thousand years."

    In the post-war era, when the trend in Japan was for sweeter sake, Michisakari took the challenge to brew dry sake, but not without a series of hardships. There were voices inside and outside the company saying that the sake won't sell well, if it's not sweet. However, even in the midst of this, there were people who encouraged the brewery not to change the current taste. Encouraged by those people, they were able to continue their efforts to make a dry sake that was soft to the palate and easy to drink.

    Michisakari's dry sake was also popularised by famous novelist (awarded the Order of Culture by the Japanese government), Tatsuo Nagai, who happened upon Michisakari by chance. He fell in love with the clear, dry flavour and recommended it to many acquaintances, and soon it was in restaurants and sushi bars all over Japan.

    We recommend trying Michisakari Junmai Daiginjo Kojikomi, which is the highest grade sake of the brewey. In order to further evolve as a karakuchi sake, the brewey has selected the ingredients from scratch to create a highly aromatic taste, a clear aftertaste, and a superb sharpness. The result is a sake with a distinct Michisakari character.





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