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    February 18th Is National Drink Wine Day! Celebrate with Tamba Harimasan Merlot!

    15 Feb 2021

    February 18th Is National Drink Wine Day! 

    While you definitely don't need an excuse to open a bottle favorite red (or white) wine at the end of a long and stressful day,  we think that  it shouldn’t stand in the way of celebrating Drink Wine Day.  A glass (or maybe a whole bottle) of wine is really the perfect antidote to these stressful times, after all.

    National Drink Wine Day is celebrated annually on Feb. 18 and the purpose is not only to drink wine, it  also about "spreading the love and health benefits of wine," according to the National Drink Wine Day website. Wines do actually have some health benefits. Scientific studies have shown that moderate drinking of wine might reduce the risk of liver disease, type II diabetes, heart attack, stroke, and a certain type of cancers. It can also reduce bad cholesterol and can increase the good (HDL).

    Wine has been a staple in human culture since its invention in 7000 BC. Some ancient societies enjoyed their wine so much, they even worshipped it! These days, hundreds of types of wine are produced all over the world, so there is an endless variety to choose from. However, we have just the perfect wine recommendation!


    Recommended Wine

    Tamba Wine was established with the goal to make a wine that would go well with Kyoto cuisine, one of Japan's traditional cuisines. The founder of the winery was inspired by the delicious wines he had tasted overseas that he did not enjoy when he drank them in Japan. Today, the winery is known for producing mainly delicate tasting wines and has traditionally challenged the experimental cultivation of various international varieties.

    Tamba Harimasan Merlot is a medium light, well-balanced wine with a scent that makes you feel like you've found a lot of berries while strolling through the forest. It has a slightly light finish, with a refreshing and easy-to-drink mouthfeel, and a moderate tannin. A great food pairing for this wine is shabu-shabu with sesame sauce.

    Open a bottle of this Japanese wine to make this Drink Wine Day more special!




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