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    Watch the Video on the Making of the Eikun Sake!

    10 Feb 2021

    Eikun Brand by Saito Shuzo

    In Fushimi, Kyoto, there is a sake brewery called Saito Shuzo, which brews Eikun sake. The brewery has set an unbroken record of winning the gold medal for 14 consecutive years at the National New Sake Competition, an annual competition for new sake, and focuses on brewing sake using Iwai rice, which can only be produced in Kyoto and used only by breweries in Kyoto.

    Iwai rice is known as difficult to work with, as it is very springy and tends to ball up easily, and because it is hard to break up, it doesn't dissolve easy, which affects the taste of sake. However, Saito Shuzo went through a trial-and-error process for about two years, and they now know how to control it well. And they made the right choice indeed - with Iwai rice you can get a unique and great flavor that no other sake has.

    Click on the  banner to watch the process of making Eikun sake!


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    Bringing out characteristics from Iwai rice, rich in taste, perfect aromatic fruity fragrance. This semi dry Junmai ginsho sake has a crisp favour.






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