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    Valentine's Day Sale Is Here! Surprise Your Loved Ones With Sweet Japanese Liqueurs!

    04 Feb 2021

    Love is in the air and we have a special Valentine's Day sale! These Japanese liqueurs are a great sweet treat for your loved ones.  You can purchase these items at a lower price, and they also come nicely wrapped in an organdie bag.

    We hope you will take this opportunity and treat someone or even yourself to these special Valentine's Day products!

    *Offer is valid until February 14th

    Kiuchi Shuzo Kuchi Umeshu 500ml (with free organdie bag)

    Kiuchi Brewery is the producer of this Japanese plum liquor, but also they are the producer of the world famous and award-winning Japanese craft beer Hitachino Nest. This umeshu is made by distilling Hitachino White Ale into beer spirit, and then pickling plums in the spirit. The flavor of the beer's hops is well matched with the taste of the plums. Enjoy the unique and refreshing taste!





    Maruishi Jozo Miwakuno Strawberry 500ml (with free organdie bag)

    What a fascinating combination! Strawberries grown in Aichi prefecture meet Junmai sake which is made from rice grown in Aichi. The sour and sweet taste of the strawberries is surrounded by mild Junmai sake. You can also enjoy the texture of the strawberry seeds.




    Wakatsuru Shuzo UMESKY 300ml (with free organdie bag)

    Umesky is a unique blend of whisky and ume fruits. Every July unripe ume is steeped in the whisky made in the distillery, slowly drawing out the sweetness and sourness of ume. Ume is harvested in Toyama prefecture and it is steeped for around a year in the whisky. The delicate aroma of ume and the smooth whiskey are the characteristics of Umesky. At the first sip, you will feel the acidity of ume, and then the smooth taste of whisky will follow soon after.