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    Rubaiyat Koshu Sur Lie: Wine That Goes Fantastically Well With Japanese Food

    04 Feb 2021

    Marufuji Winery

    In May 1890, the founder Jisaku Omura of Marufuji built a small winery in the garden in front of his house. Since then, four generations of Omuras have been dedicated to winemaking. Marufuji aims to make world class Japanese wines from traditional grape varieties such as Koshu, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Chardonnay.

    The winery is located in Katsunuma, Koshu City in Yamanashi prefecture, known as Japan’s wine country. Situated on the foothills of Mt. Fuji, Katsunuma is surrounded by beautiful mountains and pristine nature. Since old times, many kinds of fruits have been cultivated in Katsunuma, giving it its reputation as the home of Japanese grapes and wine.

    Marufuji’s award-winning Rubaiyat series are named after a Persian poet and wine-lover Omar Khayyam's poetry book.

    The old brewery The bottle storage

    Recommended Wine

    Winner of the silver medal in the 2015 Japanese Wine Competition (2014 vintage), Rubaiyat Koshu Sur Lie is a fruitier Koshu wine made from grapes grown in Katsunuma. This wine has a charming fruity aroma that leads into a pulpy body with a clean acidity and faint candied-fruit sweetness. It was fermented at 18-20°C in a glass-lined tank and aged on lees for approximately 7 months.

    It is made by the sur lie method, which gives it a lively aroma and a thick flavor. The wine is not filtered much to preserve the flavors. This wine shows the characteristics of the sur lie method well. A food-friendly wine, it is easy to match with Japanese food in general, but it is especially good with seafood dishes. We recommend trying this wine with sushi or sashimi!