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    Junmai Ginjo Nito Yamada Nishiki 65: Perfectly Balanced Flavour youtube

    27 Jan 2021

    Nito by Maruishi Brewery

    The Maruishi Brewery was founded in 1690. Their signature brand ‘Nito’ is highly focused on production methods and quality ingredients.

    Taste and aroma, acidity and umami, heavy and light, sweet and dry. After repeated trial and error to achieve the best balance and flavor between these two contradictory elements, Omachi and Yamadanishiki were chosen as the best rice for Maruishi's sake brewing.

    Omachi is used for Junmai Daiginjo and Junmai Ginjo sake, aiming for a clean, rich in flavor and sweetness, and light on the finish sake. While Yamada Nishiki is used for Junmai Ginjo and Junmai sake, aiming to create a sake that unfolds its flavor slowly and comfortably, with a light aftertaste that lingers on your palate.

    The symbol of ‘Nito’ are two hares from the old proverb saying if you “run after two rabbits you’ll catch neither”. Maruishi, however, believes they are able to catch both hares. And we believe they truly do with their perfectly balanced sake!


    Recommended Sake

    Junmai Ginjo Nito Yamada Nishiki 65 is made with 100% Yamadanishiki rice polished to 65%. It has a gentle umami and an acidity that wraps around your palate, with sweet aroma reminiscent of fruit. In the mouth, it starts with the sweetness and acidity spreading quickly, and the refreshing, slightly dry taste finishes the overall flavor. Best served at room temperature to lukewarm.