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    COWBOY YAMAHAI: Sake with American Spirit!

    25 Jan 2021

    Sake for American Market

    This sake is specifically created for American market, and it is named Cowboy Yamahai because it is a sake that goes well with meat dishes, which are a huge part of the American cuisine. The label features a silhouette of Angus beef cattle, which is said to have a 40% share of the U.S. meat market, so that everyone can associate it with meat dishes. This sake is the answer for demand in new markets, especially steakhouses, where sake was rarely handled.


    Best Way to Enjoy Cowboy Yamahai

    Cowboy Yamahai is a novel sake that goes well with steak, a symbol of the American spirit. But why does Cowboy Yamahai go so well with meat? First of all, it has a lot of acidity, which is rare in conventional sake. The firm acidity from the Yamahai brewing process and the slightly high alcohol content washes away the fat from the meat.

    Another reason is the umami. The soft and refreshing umami from Yamahai is well balanced with the richness of the steak. In the hot summer season, we recommend drinking it chilled or on the rocks. It can be served with a slice of lemon or a squeeze of lime, or even with soda since undiluted sake has a strong flavor. As for steak, you can serve it with salt, or garlic soy sauce with lemon and wasabi. The elegant flavor of the lean meat and garlic soy sauce goes perfectly with the mellowness of the Cowboy Yamahai. It also goes well with pork and chicken. Perfect with grilled steak or charcoal grilled meats, Cowboy Yamahai is the new sake for all meat dishes around the world.

    It is the perfect gift to go with meat dishes!