Satsuma no Daichi -Christmas Sale-

23 Nov 2020

Our Christmas sale is now on...

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260Satsuma no Daichi 720ml


Imo Shohu from Hamada Shuzou, Kagoshima, Kyushu island Japan.

  Kagoshima, Japan

Kyushu island is known for its delicious shochu. The local variety, imo shochu, is made from sweet potatoes.

Satsuma no Daichi, made from locally grown premium pototo, Koganesengan. Distilled with black koji at atmospheric pressure.


Sweet aroma with a touch of smokiness & crispness suggestive of baked sweet potato. This shochu also has a sharpness in taste from kuro koji.

Shochu mixed with soda, ice and flavorings such as lemon and lime is called Chu-Hi which refer to shochu highball. This is very popular way to consume shochu in Japan. Try Chu-Hi, refresh yourself in summer season!



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