DAKU -Christmas Sale-

20 Nov 2020

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04091652_5e8ec61fb7822DAKU Cloudy Sake 720ml


Nigori Sake (Cloudy Sake) from KIZAKURA, Kyoto Japan. Cloudy Sake, offcially called " "NIGORI" sake is produced under traditional unfiltered method. It’s brewed with the world famous Kyoto soft water “FUSHIMIZU”

This sweet and mild with fruity nose NIGORI sake in a perfect balance would be a great new found for your sake experience.

Enjoy “DAKU” well chilled or over ice in a glass, with spicy food, crab, pork, spicy tuna poke or just as a dessert. And try out more different ways to drink ...

①"Clear DAKU" - chilled, do not shake, only drink the clear top layer.

②"DAKU - chilled" - tilt the bottle very slowly and gently and mix-up the divided layers well.

③"DAKU on the rocks" - enjoy beautiful white colour with ice.

④"Milk DAKU" - mix DAKU with milk.

⑤"DAKU Umeshu"- mix DAKU with Choya Umeshu.

⑥"Warm DAKU" - Best in winter.



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