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    CHOYA Yuzu - Floral Aroma and Refreshing Citrus Taste

    08 Oct 2020

    CHOYA is located in Osaka, where it first started as a wine-grape grower in 1914. Later in 1959 CHOYA began producing umeshu, a traditional Japanese ume fruit liqueur. Today CHOYA is the top umeshu producer in the world. Their mission is to produce and promote the finest umeshu made from natural ingredients. While CHOYA’s most popular product is, of course, umeshu, they also make some other great fruit liqueurs. We would like to introduce you to CHOYA Yuzu!

    CHOYA Yuzu

    CHOYA Yuzu is a sweet tasting liqueur made with the filtered pulp of the yuzu fruit.

    Always committed to the pursuit of high quality and authenticity using only natural ingredients in all CHOYA products, CHOYA Yuzu is made with only top-quality Japanese yuzu citrus freshly picked in Shikoku island (the major region for cultivating yuzu in Japan).


    Fresh yuzu citrus juice and 100% natural ingredients are used in this yuzu liqueur. As all CHOYA products, it is made without acidity regulators, flavorings, colorings, and artificial sweeteners, so you can enjoy the true flavor of the yuzu. It has a sleek frosty bottle with simple yet beautiful Japanese design.

    CHOYA Yuzu is excellent on its own or with soda. You can also enjoy it simply on the rocks, with mixers or make great tasting cocktails. A simple way to enjoy CHOYA Yuzu is a cocktail called Yuzumosa. You can make it just by mixing equal parts of CHOYA Yuzu and sparkling wine. Yuzu aroma is more complex than the one of usual citrus plants, so this cocktail is a more refined version of Mimosa cocktail. It has a refreshing taste with a well-balanced sweetness and touch of pleasant bitterness. You can also add chopped fresh fruit like strawberries, blueberries and orange slices. Enjoy the Yuzumosa!

    OCE Yuzumosa A3