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    Kizakura Daku Nigori Sake: Made With the Famous Fushimizu Water

    27 Aug 2020

    Kizakura Brewery

    Kizakura Brewery is an acclaimed Japanese sake brewery based in Kyoto, Fushimi, famous sake region in Japan for over centuries. Fushimi is blessed with natural medium soft water, called Fushimizu, and it is one of the main elements that make Kyoto sake taste soft and gentle. This kind of sake made with soft water is called feminine style sake (onna-zake). Onna-zake is made with mineral-light soft water, giving a gentler, slower-fermenting moromi, resulting in sweeter sake with lower acidity. It is soft, smooth, and easy to drink. In contrast, otoko-zake (“masculine sake”) is usually brewed with hard water (containing large quantities of various minerals), which tends to lead to a strong, dynamic fermentation requiring a relatively short time, and a resulting product that tends to dry sake with high acidity.


    Daku Nigori Sake

    Daku means cloudy in Japanese. Nigori sake is unfiltered sake and is often called cloudy sake in English. Normally, once the fermentation is finished, the fermented moromi is pressed with cloth and the undissolved rice yeast is removed. But using a rougher filter allows bits of rice solids to remain in the liquid, giving nigori both its appearance and name. Daku Nigori Sake is semi-sweet nigori style sake with fruity nose made from world famous Kyoto soft water Fushimizu. Enjoy this sake chilled or over ice with a meal. It goes especially well with spicy dishes. You can also try it with crab, pork, spicy tuna poke, or just as a dessert wine.

    Give this gentle and soft, feminine style nigori sake a try!