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    The Choya Golden Ume Fruit - masterpiece created with the long history of ume liqueur making experience

    22 Jul 2020

    Located in Osaka, the company first started as a wine-grape grower in 1914. Later in 1959 CHOYA began production of Umeshu, a traditional Japanese ume fruit liqueur. More than half a century has passed since CHOYA began producing Umeshu. Today, it is a brand with country-wide recognition, available across the whole of Japan and many other countries. The mission of CHOYA is to produce and promote the finest Umeshu made from natural ingredients. They do not use any artificial additives in any of their products, such as acidulants, flavourings, or colourings. CHOYA uses Nanko-ume, from Wakayama, a premium variety with plump flesh and high acidity, making it particularly suitable for umeshu production. Thanks to the decades of experience and expertise in ume cultivation shared by the Japanese farmers, CHOYA ensures the highest quality ume fruit in the world is used in their products. As the leading producer of Umeshu, they are committed to the pursuit of unfailingly high quality and authenticity in all our products.


    “The CHOYA” is a masterpiece created with the long history of ume liqueur making experience and data accumulation by CHOYA. It is made with 100% Japan grown Nanko ume fruit and is fully absorbed by nature’s bounty. “The CHOYA” is produced with much time and effort without adding artificial additives such as acidulants and artificial flavors, to bring out the maximum taste of ume.

    TC Golden Ume Fruit horizontal

    The Choya Golden Ume Fruit has an elegant, fragrant aroma of Nanko ume fruit fills your mouth with rich taste and crispy tartness. Thick and fleshy ume from Wakayama are marinated with sugar and spirits only and matured for over a year. The slow aging process allows CHOYA to produce authentic umeshu with the best possible taste and aroma every time. The flesh of the fruit is soft, with a mellow aroma and powerful sourness. This umeshu  is best enjoedy chilled and straight, on-the-rocks, or mixed in cocktails garnished with the ume.

    CHOYA on-the-rock