Product Spotlight: Japanese Wines! Try These Specially Selected Products

27 Mar 2020

For people who like to drink, Japan has a plethora of alcoholic beverages to try. It may be confusing when you have such a wide variety of drinks to choose from, and sometimes some really great drinks are overshadowed by the more popular ones.But don't worry, we will introduce you to the hidden gems in the world of Japanese liquors!

This time, we invite to try Japanese wine. While Japanese wine is quite underrated and it does not get enough recognition around the world, Japan does produce some exceptional wines.

We are sure you will find something to enjoy! These are our 5 recommended wines.

 Hokkaido Wine Niagara White Sweet 720ml

This is a sweet and fragrant white wine made from Niagara grapes. Niagara creates juicy, sweet, and very pleasant aroma which differs from any other wine that even non-wine drinkers can enjoy.




Hokkaido Wine Kerner White Dry 720ml

This is a standard dry white wine made from Kerner Grapes. Fermented at well-controlled lower temperature, it creates fresh aroma of a tasty blend of citrus fruits with pleasant amount of acid and fine dryness.




Hokkaido Wine Zweigett Red Dry Medium 720ml

This Hokkaido Zweigelt is a standard medium red wine. Zweigelt is the most widely-grown red wine grape variety in Austria. This charming red wine is perfected to a steady color, tannin and spicy aroma.


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Coco Farm Winery Nomin Rosso 750ml

Noumin Rosso is a basic red, a soft, fruity, eminently drinkable dry red wine made from a variety of grapes grown throughout Japan. It is typically a mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot from Yamagata-grown grapes, and Muscat Bailey A to provide aromatic lift.




Tamba Wine Muroka Koshu 720ml

This wine is bottled without final filtration which keeps the original fruitiness and fullness of the grapes. A good balance of sourness and fruitiness, with a slight bitterness.