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    Christmas is just around the corner and we have a special lineup for Christmas!

    30 Oct 2019

    Don’t miss this Christmas special offer!!

    Christmas is just around the corner and we have a special lineup for Christmas!!

    We hope you will take this opportunity and treat yourself or someone to these special Christmas  products!!
    The streets are in full Christmas mode and everyone is getting excited.
    These sake products go well with Christmas scene and are great as a Christmas present.
    If you purchased more than 100 dollars, 500 ml or more, we will give you an organdie bag present until 31 December, 2019.

    Aai Sparkling Sake Christmas Gift Set 330ml
    Sparkling with Japanese blue, quietly shinning blue & slim body. It is a sake with a new style.
    Super clean taste; serve chilled and enjoy it in a flute glass.

    【 2 x 50cc Sake cups in an organdie bag】 ・・・The colour of Sake cup, Sake cup wrapping paper and organdie bag may be different from the photos.

    Aai2Aai Sparkling



    You's Time Light 375ml x 3 (Christmas Gift) 1125ml
    Kyoto Saito Shuzo's premium fruit sake YOU's TIME LIGHT 375ml has been accepted very well in Australia for its smooth & semi sweet flavor that comes from 100% pure Japanese Yuzu juice (Mandarin/Lime) infused in Saito Shuzo's premium quality Ginjo grade sake. This 3 bottle set is a discount priced deal for you to enjoy more of this beautiful sake; it  may also be shared with your friends.



    Seikyo Ginjo Syare Bottle 180ml with Cup x 2sets
    Hiroshima's well established premium sake brewer Nakao Shuzo's specialized style is fruity aromatic, soft attacked & dry finishing sake. Indeed, this mini bottle also follows its typical Hiroshima/Seikyo style.

    Comes in a beautifully crafted clear blue glass bottle with a single sake cup attached on top of it. This is a perfect gift idea for your friends or family. Drink chilled with slightly salted grilled white fish or sashimi.




    Daku Nigori Sake 720ml
    DAKU means Cloudy in Japanese. Cloudy sake, officially called NIGORI sake is produced under Japanese traditional unfiltered method. The taste is SEMI SWEET and mild with fruity nose in a perfect balance when it’s brewed with the world famous Kyoto soft water Fushimizu.

    Serve chilled or over ice in a glass.