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    Celebrate Okashi Day with Umaibo and Echigo Koshihikari Beer!

    11 Jul 2019

    15th of Every Month is Okashi Day!

    The National Confectionery Industry Association in Japan established the day for sweets and snacks in 1981. The reason this date was chosen is because it is believed that in the old days, the festival for the god of sweets was held on the 15th. The god of sweets is named Tajimamori, who is a legendary figure of the Kofun period.

    According to the legend, Emperor Suinin commanded Tajimamori to go and get him a magical fruit called “tokijiku no kagu no konomi”, which has the power of eternal youth and longevity. To this end Tajimamori crossed to the magical land of Tokoyo no kuni (Eternal land), and after ten years he returned with some branches with leaves and some with fruit. However, by this time Emperor Suinin was already dead. Tajimamori gave half of his branches to Suinin's widow and offered the other half at the deceased emperor's tomb, then died himself, wailing with sadness.

    The fruit Tajimamori brought back is supposed in the records to be a tachibana (a variety of mandarin orange). Tajimamori's role as god of sweets also originates in this story: the last character in the name of the magical fruit simply meant "fruit" at the time, but now refers to "sweets".

    Nowadays, Tajimamori is enshrined as the god of sweets in Nakashima Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture, and through bunrei (Shinto term meaning a spirit created by dividing another spirit) at various other shrines throughout the nation. He is worshiped primarily by those involved in the confectionery industry.BeFunky-collage (16)

    Celebrate Okashi Day with Umaibo and Echigo Koshihikari Beer!

    Umaibo which literally means "delicious stick" is a small, puffed, cylindrical corn Japanese snack. It has a consistency is similar to Cheetos. The mascot is a cat, Umaemon, whose name is a pun on that of a popular animated character, Doraemon.

    Umaibo is a long-seller snack in Japan loved by both children and adults and there are many flavors of Umaibō available, including savory flavors, such as salad, mentaiko, takoyaki and cheese; and sweet flavors, such as cocoa, caramel, and chocolate. Some flavors were discontinued after a brief period, while others became a staple.

    The top three Umaibo flavors ranked by Japanese people are Mentai, Cheese and Corn Potage so we recommend trying these! You will also need a refreshing drink to go with these savory snacks and without any doubt Echigo Koshihikari Beer is the perfect match! It is a light beer that has a crisp and refreshing flavor, and exceptionally soothing and smooth quality. The sweet aroma of rice, and eloquent fragrance of hops, make it the perfect complement to salty snacks.